Important Policies

Important Policies of CGA

According to the Coast Guard Act, Coast Guard Administration (CGA) is responsible for maintaining the order of the Waters and the Coast, conservation and making good use of resources, ensuring national security and protecting people’s rights and interests in Taiwan area. As the defender of blue national territory, CGA has upheld the spirit of “live to serve” and spared no effort to complete regulatory missions and appointed tasks.

In recent years, the situation in East China Sea and South China Sea is becoming tense and, in regard to controversial waters such as Diaoyutai Islands and South China Sea, surrounding countries have increased maritime patrol capability to ensure their success in international negotiations. Apart from executing core missions, CGA will focus our patrol energy and adjust our duties flexibly to maintain our position in international affairs, guard Taiwan’s sovereignty and fishing right, and respond to treacherous incidents. CGA has completed our missions by upgrading our soft and hard infrastructure including implementation of organization and equipment plans, establishment of coast guard base, and enhancement of personnel’s capability. Important policies are as follow:

1.Implementing law enforcement in waters and maintaining the order of the waters and the coast

(1)To intensify water patrol missions, investigate and handle illegal fishing boats with joint hands, flexibly adjust raid missions, enhance the investigation of trafficking and smuggling, and track down illegal groups behind the scene to “cut the origin of crimes”.

(2)To steady cross-national cooperation and exchange activities and deepen cross-agency cooperative mechanism to maintain social stability and national security.

2.Implementing patrol missions and enhancing CAG’s search and rescue capability

(1)To fortify exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and high seas fishery patrol and protection, defend our sovereignty and fishing right, and fulfill our responsibilities to international fisheries.

(2)To flexible use our assigned responsibility and authority to seize Mainland China's trespassing fishing boats and protect our marine resources.

(3)To integrate search and rescue capacity of the region, ensure the sufficiency of rescue equipment, and hold disaster prevention and professional trainings to enhance the sea search, sea rescue and disaster relief efficiency.

3.Advocating marine research and promoting marine conservation

(1)To promote the development of marine research and encourage relevant academic activities with awards and subsidies in order to facilitate a sustainable marine operation.

(2)To enhance preparedness and response to marine pollution, maximize prevention and treatment efficiency, investigate and handle illegal polluters, and realize measures of protecting marine environment.

4.Broadening coast guard infrastructure and enhancing the service performance

(1)To implement and strengthen organization and equipment plans, build coast guard search and rescue vessels, and promote the establishment of costal guard base to build coast guard capacity.

(2)To enhance information and communications security, and ensure a smooth operations of information, communication and system.

5.Promoting soldier recruitment policies and streamlining the manpower structure

To transfer compulsory military services to volunteer services, integrate manpower to be on duty on the waters and coast, and enhance manpower quality and inherit on-duty experiences to effectively build a quality coast guard team and increase the on-duty effectiveness.

6.Enhancing the human right concept and conducting a sound legal education (human right indicator)

To respond to the strategy of turning two international treaties into national legislation, CGA has adopted promotions, educational trainings and thematic topics to fortify staffs’ ideas towards the equal right concept and build a good working environment.

7.Serving people better with an expanded service function

To appropriately apply the coast guard service seminar mechanism and 118 coast guard service hotline to increase interactions with the fishermen and civil group, expand participations of the public, integrate resources and promote coast guard works.

8.Enhancing assets management and activating resource applications

(1)To enhance the asset management effectiveness with the newly adopted inventory equipment.

(2)To continuously improve operations quality and ensure rational allocation and effective use of resources through professional trainings and reviewing/ supervision of national assets.

9.Expanding organizational learning and merging cultures of the organization

To build a perfect learning environment to enhance staffs’ expertise and create a sense of recognition and belongingness; enhance their transformation and innovation ability, arouse the organization’s competitiveness, and shape a quality organizational culture

10.Enhancing the research and development capacity

Looking into the organization’s demand and development needs to plan the theme of commissioned research and to calculate and list the budget for relevant implementations. The purpose is to make research results a reference for drawing up policies, modifying regulations, and promoting services and missions to enhance administrative efficiency.

11.Promoting cross-agency services and cooperation mechanism

To comprehensively promote the concept of restructuring government service procedures, CGA will continue to intensify coastal guards and patrol activities. Besides, depending on the business demand and aiming to provide citizens an even more convenient and quality service, CGA will decide services that are related to the public to launch integrated service points, construct a resource sharing mechanism and simplify service procedures through integration and cooperation with local county / city government, public departments, and academic / educational and civil groups.

12.Implementing the government’s internal control mechanism

CGA will follow Executive Yuan’s strategies and plans to ameliorate its internal control system, actively make improvements requested by the supervision / examination authority or incidents concerned by the public, and maintain the effectiveness and practicality of the system through an assessment mechanism to prevent frauds and generate more benefits.

13.Increasing asset effectiveness and appropriately allocating government resources

(1)Upholding the spirit of “zero-based budgeting system”, CGA will appropriately evaluate the priority, rationality and necessity of all expenses to minimize costs and focus all resources in important administrative plans of the year.

(2)To implement the deliberation mechanism for capital expenditure plans and to properly evaluate the priority in details according to importance, appropriateness and accessibility to maximize resource benefits.

14.Enhancing human resource quality and management efficiency

To properly manage the number of personnel depending on the mission demand; to recruit talents from various channels and conduct a strategic human resource management; to enhance personnel trainings and fostering and improve personnel quality in order to enhance operations and development effectiveness of the organization.

  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2016/08/26