Coast guarding is fundamental for national security. In order to effectively manage its marine territory and to unify authority over the task of coast guarding, the Taiwan Government established the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) under the Executive Yuan on January 28, 2000, integrating the Coast Guard Command (formerly under the Ministry of Defense), the Marine Police Bureau (formerly under the National Police Administration, Ministry of Interior), and several cutters from the Taiwan Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance. The CGA formally unifies coastal and maritime law enforcement agencies. Thus, the CGA devotes itself to safeguarding our marine interests as well as people’s life and property while at the same time emphasizing the due process of law.

In carrying out our work, we pay equal attention to the principles of equity, legitimacy, and thoroughness. The founding of CGA introduces a new era for our maritime and coastal guarding as we pursue ocean development.

The CGA includes eight departments, one office and five task forces, as well as a Maritime Patrol Directorate General and a Coastal Patrol Directorate General. Its jurisdiction covers the waters surrounding Kinmen, Matzu, Penghu, and the main island of Taiwan to ensure proper protection of our 1819.8 kilometers coastline and 540,000 square kilometers of "Blue Territory," which is 15 times larger than the island of Taiwan.


Organization Chart: Description as the following.

Coast Guard Administration consists of Planning Division, Internal Affairs Division, Patrol Division, Intelligence Division, Logistics Division, Communication & Electronics and Information Division, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting and Statistics Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Communications & Electronics and Information Corps, Security Guard Corps, Patrol Command 1st~13th.

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