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The Coast Guard Administration clamped down on illegal trawling to protect the marine resources by strict law enforcement

The F/V 「新0豐號」 has been restrained and recorded by PP-2033 of offshore flotilla 7 due to violation of the fishery regulations At 11:00 on December 30.The case was handed over to fishery authority.
Maintaining the marine fishery resources is not a slogan but an actual determination by actions of Coast Guard Administration (CGA).The offshore flotilla 7 will continue upholding the idea of protecting the marine and fishery rights and carrying out the special project which will promote the sustainable use of marine resources by real actions.
The offshore flotilla 7 appealed to fishermen to follow the regulations of fisheries authorities when operating on the sea for sustainability of fishery resources.
If there was any violations was discovered, please call the service hotline 118. The CGA would deal with it right away.
  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2017/01/18