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Offshore Flotilla 6 (Hualian) conducted a joint exercise coordinating the Wan-An Exercise for maritime distresses rescues

In order to promote the abilities of rescues of maritime distresses, minimize the damage caused by maritime distresses and strengthen the emergency rescue mechanism, Offshore Flotilla 6 (Hualian) conducted a joint exercise coordinating the Wan-An 40th Exercise for marine salvage with other agencies in Hualian No.5 Port in March 2 at 13:30 pm.
This exercise carried out with Coast Patrol 8-3 Corps, Hualian Port Fire Brigade and Hualian Port Police Corps, was mainly host by Offshore Flotilla 6 (Hualian). In total, 4 patrol boats, 1 patrol car, 1 fire truck, 1 ambulance and 88 persons were mobilized. The joint exercise consisted of 5 phases, including "tsunami response", "maritime fire-fighting and marine salvage", "boarding and inspection", "oil pollution response" and "emergency medical treatment and wounded personnel evacuation." The exercise integrated the Coast Guard with Coastal police and firefighter of Hualian Port in a bid to strengthen disaster prevention and ensure maritime distress safety.
The commander Mr.Hong said, recreational activities were very popular in Hualian resulting in frequent maritime distress. In view of this, suiting for actual situations, the scenario simulates "whale-watching boats and fishery boats were on fire" or "rescue people in the water" and "fire-fighting". It was a great success that mobilized units went all out effort to the exercise and showed superb rescue skills and great understanding between them.
The commander Mr.Hong also said, the cooperation between relevant agencies not only strengthen the marine salvage mechanism of different units but also familiar with the rescuing skill when maritime distress happened by simulating different scenarios and integrating of relevant rescuing units.
  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2017/03/06