Territorial Water Security


For the purpose of protecting Taiwan’s marine/coastal order, ensuring national security and safeguarding the people’s interest, CGA since its establishment on January 28, 2000 has dispatched vessels to patrol the territorial waters, adjacent regions and economic waters in accordance with the administrative concept of “open ocean, security assurance and public services” in order to fend off smuggling and illegal entry and maintain ocean traffic order. Each year it reduces the area of controlled coastal zones demarcated for national defense and encourages the public to access and utilize the ocean in order to help realize the plan for establishing an oceanic country. It also plays an active party in international cooperation against maritime crimes in order to maintain territorial water security.

For protecting the life and property of the people, CGA in accordance with Executive Yuan anti-terrorism policy briefing resolution organized its “anti-terrorist attack response unit” on November 16, 2004 for handling maritime terrorist attacks. It has actively intensified its anti-terrorism response mechanism and formulated standard operational procedures for handling terrorist activities. In July 2005 CGA formed the “Special Task Unit.” It continues to play active roles in international anti-terrorism activities in order to incorporate global anti-terrorism actions to prevent maritime terrorist attacks.
  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2017/05/25