Port Security Inspection


In order to exercise coastal county’s rights in the customs and crimes investigation bestowed by United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea, in accordance with Customs Anti-Smuggling Act,Punishment off Smuggling Act, National Security Act, Coast Guard Administration investigates maritime/coastal smuggling, stowaway and relative illegal activities and conducts security check at seaports to maintain territorial security.

Since established on January 28, 2000, in view of the fact that the legal system was approaching perfection, the public had developed legislative perspective and the social environment changed, Coast Guard Administration reviewed outdated fishery port security inspection procedures. Based on perspectives of national security, human rights, legal system, and insisting the spirit of service, assistance, thoughtfulness, care, Coast Guard Administration replaces the means of limitation and prohibition to attain the win-win goal of security and convenience.

Since 2001, in conjunction with the “Mini-Three Link、Mini-three Links” initiated by the government for the Kinmen and Matzu areas, Coast Guard Administration has begun to intensify its security inspection operation and capacity to prevent stowaway, smuggling and invasion of infectious diseases. From 2002 based on the principle of “security and convenience,” Coast Guard Administration has simplified fishing port security inspection procedures and established the entry/exit bar-code identification system. Furthermore the Security check Information system was linked with the fishery management system of Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture in order to enhance service and security maintenance efficiency.
  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2017/05/25