Protecting Fishing Rights


Fishing disputes caused by overlapping EEZs with neighboring countries (e.g. Japan and the Philippines) and mainland Chinese fishing ships’ illegal fishing in Taiwan’s jurisdictional waters have great impact on fishermen’s safety, rights and interests.

To safeguard Taiwan’s maritime rights and interests and keep fishermen’s safety at seas, the CGA has deployed its cutters in accordance with “The Standard Operation Procedure of Conducting Government’s Fishery Protection Patrol”, protected Taiwanese fishermen from foreign official ships’ interference in the disputed waters, and cracked down on foreign-flagged fishing vessels’ illegal fishing. In compliance with international conservation and management measures, the CGA has dispatched its ships to conduct high sea patrols in the designated areas of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean to implement the government’s ocean policy and to fulfill our international responsibility.
  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2017/05/25