Maritime Search & Rescue


The notification and coordination of maritime rescue operations in the surrounding waters of Taiwan is mainly conducted by National Rescue Command Center, Executive Yuan (NRCC), and Coast Guard Administration(CGA) is responsible for the executions. When NRCC receives and verifies a distress call, CGA and various agencies relative to maritime search and rescue will be alerted to take actions in accordance with the standard operation procedures of "Executive Yuan National Rescue Command Center Operations Manual".

When commercial and fishery boats with the flag of the Republic of China experience distresses in other regions, after receiving distress calls, NRCC may, on their behalf, ask rescue agencies of concerned regions to provide supports. Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Fisheries Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be notified to fulfill the rescue missions.

For the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of maritime search and rescue operations, CGA has compiled the "Maritime Distress Search and Rescue Operations Manual" and laid down operational procedures pertinent to emergency response organization in order to set up joint command centers and dispatch rescue resources in a timely manner to execute maritime search and rescue missions and protect the life and property of the people.
  • Source: 海巡署
  • Date: 2017/05/25