National Oceans Policy Guidelines

Ⅰ. Preamble
Taiwan, surrounded by the oceans and the seas, faces the world's largest ocean in the east, situates at the maritime junction of western Pacific, and is the nexus of the north-south shipping routes in east Asia. It is indisputable that Taiwan's ecosystem, history, culture, politics and economy are intimately related with the ocean. As an Ocean State, Taiwan should raise the marine awareness of its nationals, advance national marine interests, and actively protect marine ecosystems so as to build a sustainable homeland for its posterity. In order to bring about a healthy marine environment, safe ocean activities, and thriving ocean industries so as to build itself into a quality Ocean State, Taiwan hereby adopts the “National Oceans Policy Guidelines” to serve as the foundation of governmental administration.

II. Vision:
  An eco-friendly, secured and prosperous Ocean State.

III. Declared Policies
Ascertaining that Taiwan is an Ocean State, thus the oceans and the seas are our assets, and acknowledging that the very existence and development of this country relies upon the oceans and the seas;
Enjoying and fulfilling the rights and obligations bestowed upon the State by the international lawof the sea, and echoing the call of the international community for sustainable development;
Recognizing ocean as an integral element of national development, respecting the maritimeexperience and wisdom of the indigenous peoples and establishing an maritime perspective that isin line with the national interests;
Surveying the national assets on the seas and the oceans, understanding the marine needs of oursociety, grasping the nature of ocean activities and planning national ocean development accordingly;
Adopting the perspectives of sustainable ocean ecosystems and intergenerational justice, establishing an ocean management regime for ocean environment protection, marine resourcesconservation and sensible ocean utilization;
Strengthening the capacity of maritime law enforcement in order to create a stable marine legalorder and safe ocean environment;
Creating a favorable policy and practice context to substantively encourage ocean industry development;
Conducting marine scientific research with the orientation of national needs so as to guide the development of various levels of aquatic, maritime and marine education in the benefit ofcultivating marine talents;
Providing a safe and stable ocean environment to encourage the public to get closer to the oceansfor cultivating the marine awareness and culture.

IV. Goals and Strategies
 1. Protecting maritime rights and interests, ensuring national development
  (1) Grasping global development trends
  (2) Enhancing international marine cooperation
  (3) Strengthening the oceans policy and legal regime
  (4) Bettering the ocean administration institution
 2. Intensifying maritime law enforcement, maintaining marine safety
  (1) Strengthening the function of maritime law enforcement
  (2) Bettering the marine traffic order
  (3) Enhancing maritime safety services
  (4) Boosting the capacity of maintaining maritime security
 3. Protecting the ocean environment, fostering marine resources
  (1) Increasing anti-pollution capacity
  (2) Bettering natural coastline protection
  (3) Sustaining marine resources
  (4) Accelerating the work of ecosystem recovery
 4. Bettering the management environment, developing ocean industries
  (1) Strengthening the shipping, port and shipbuilding industries
  (2) Promoting a sustainable marine fishery industry
  (3) Expanding the ocean technology industry
  (4) Boosting ocean tourism and recreation activities
 5. Cultivating the maritime culture, shaping national character
  (1) Rebuilding historical navigation images
  (2)Creating a maritime culture with distinctiveness
  (3) Preserving and disseminating the maritime culture
  (4) Shaping the image of maritime culture
 6. Nurturing ocean talents, enhancing marine scientific studies
  (1) Strengthening marine education and nurturing ocean talents
  (2) Advancing marine scientific research and integrating information and data
  (3) Establishing a safe and sustainable environment
  (4) Promoting the technology for marine industry development

V. Substantive action plans and implementation schedule of these policy guidelines shall be formulated in accordance with the “Marine Affairs and Policy Development Program” to be prescribed separately.

    • Date: 2015/12/03