The principle purpose of the Coast Guard is the protection of the country, tasked by the government to effectively manage the waters surrounding the nation. On January 28, 2000, three major departments, in addition to smaller departments – the Coast Guard Command, Department of Defense; the National Police Agency Water Police Department; and the General Administration of Customs and Anti-Smuggling – were amalgamated to form one body. This new body formed the Ministerial-level Coast Guard Administration, dedicated to law enforcement on the coast and at sea, establishing a unified mechanism for enforcement. The Coast Guard is first committed to safeguarding national maritime rights and interests, including protecting the lives and property of citizens. The Coast Guard operates on the principles of enforcement in a lawful manner, remaining fair, appropriate, and thorough in all dealings. Vigorously working toward improvement of the nation’s shores, the administration has begun a new era of national coastal and Coast Guard advancement.

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