The Coast Guard is committed to protecting the peace of the coast and of the territorial seas of the Taiwan area. In addition to protecting resource rights, the safety of the nation and citizen’s rights, the Coast Guard is legally responsible for the following:

  1. Management and security of the coastal regulation zone.
  2. Safety inspection of water-bound vessels into and out of ports.
  3. Investigation of smuggling operations, illegal exit or entry into the country, monitoring the safety of workers in maritime industries, and investigating other illegal activities on the coast, seas and rivers.
  4. Assistance with marine and coastal activities, investigations and other matters.
  5. Intelligence gathering of smuggling operations, and investigation and resolving of illegal import/export and safety issues.
  6. Research and development in marine-related fields.
  7. Executive functions:
    1. Management and order of maritime traffic control issues.
    2. Water rescue, marine disaster rescue and handling of maritime disputes.
    3. Fishing industry protection and protection of fishing resources.
    4. Protection and conservation of the maritime ecosystem.
  8. Other matters relating to the Coast Guard.

In regards to national coastal and maritime interests and safety, the Coast Guard has the guidance, assistance and support of the National Security Bureau, Republic of China.


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