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      Welcome to the Coast Guard Administration website!

      Since its inception in February 1, 2000, the Coast Guard Administration(CGA) has been responsible for the safety and security of Taiwan's coastline and waters. The CGA's missions are clear: to maintain open access to the ocean, patrol the coast round-the-clock for protecting and serving the people of Taiwan. In four years of dedicated services by every men and women in the Administration, whether in patrolling the territory waters, apprehending smugglers, carrying out rescue operations or preserving the natural resources, the CGA has posted modest success.

      We all in the CGA are determined to dedicating ourselves to protect the interests and dignity of our country in the high sea, resolute in carrying out our missions under the command of the President. We lay out plans to integrate the government resources, and ultimately implement the national policies.

      Taiwan is an island nation in every aspect, surrounded by rich natural resources of the ocean. With proper exploration and preservation, the ocean can be an inherently valuable asset to Taiwan's 23 million people.

      It is my pleasure to present to all of you this Web Site, your comments will always be appreciated. With a sincere hope that this Web Site will provide the updated information on relevant laws and regulations, and an in-depth coverage of Taiwan's surrounding ocean that you would want to know.

      Again, on behalf of the CGA, I cordially welcome all of you. Let us join together in exploring the beauty and the mystery of the ocean surrounding this gorgeous island, Taiwan, a precious gem in the western Pacific Ocean, also known worldwide as "Formosa" meaning a "beautiful island!"

      Wang Ginn-Wang, Minister,
      Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan

      • Date: 2009/11/24