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Greetings from Minister

Welcome to the Coast Guard Administration website!

Since its inception on January 28, 2000, the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) has been responsible for the safety and security of Taiwan's coastline and waters. The CGA's missions are clear: to maintain open access to the ocean, patrol the coast round-the-clock for protecting and serving the people of Taiwan. Bearing these missions in mind, every colleague in the Administration with commitment and dedication has posted modest successes in patrolling the territorial waters, apprehending smugglers, carrying out rescue operations and preserving natural resources.

The CGA is determined to protect...

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Cutters and Boats

  • 20 tons PATROL BOAT20 tons PATROL BOAT
  • 30 tons PATROL BOAT30 tons PATROL BOAT
  • 35 tons PATROL BOAT35 tons PATROL BOAT


  • Summer Uniforms (short-sleeves)Summer Uniforms (short-slee
  • Coastal Patrol SuitsCoastal Patrol Suits
  • Winter UniformsWinter Uniforms


  • Appointment 14th ClassAppointment 14th Class
  • Appointment 13th ClassAppointment 13th Class
  • Appointment 12th ClassAppointment 12th Class