Established the predecessor of the modernized coastal control organization - Taiwan Danshui Maritime Police and Patrol.
Established the "Seventh Special Police Headquarters of the Police Administration, Ministry of Interior." Its personnel, fleet, equipments and functions moved toward the standards witnessed in the marine law enforcement agency of advanced countries. Not only did the number of staff increase to 1753, but the number of patrol boats also increased to 83.
15 June 1998
Established "Water Police Bureau" which had 2466 personnel and acquired 32 newly built patrol boats.
28 January 2000
The Maritime Patrol Directorate General was officially established which incorporated eight large vessels originally operated by the Customs Authority. 20 Flotillas have been established with the total of 3,000 staff.

28 April 2018

The Republic of China government established the Fleet Branch under the Ocean AffairsCouncil -Costal Guard Administration, Executive Yuan on 28 April 2018,


  • Source: 艦隊分署
  • Date: 2018/04/27