images Our ancestors crossed the great ocean and entered the unknown land, cultivated the land and build the future for their descendants thousand years ahead. Commemorate the achievements by our ancestors and think of the future generations, as if I was walking in a deep pool. This makes me vigilant all the time. The whirling oceans and the beautiful island are the visions of our ancestors!
Taiwan is located in the key strategic position of the west Pacific Ocean, controlling the traffic right over Yellow Sea, Korean Sea and Sea of Japan. Taiwan is also situated in the doorway to the east oceans with many neighboring countries separated by sea waters. There are frequent activities of commercial ships and military vessels.

In recent years, nations have accorded emphasis on the use and management of oceans since the United Nations Maritime Law Treaties took effect on the November 16, 1994. However, “Laws alone cannot attain the intended objective” so the ROC Government has established the Coast Guard Administration to fulfill its obligation as a responsible international citizen and enacted as well as amended national legislations pursuant to international laws in respect of the surrounding sea waters so as to deal with issues subject to the laws of the sea. Moreover, large patrol fleets are dispatched to the high seas to patrol and protect the fishery industry with the goal of preserving sustainable utilization of natural resources.

The 21st century is a century of oceans. We have well prepared to face the challenges. We uphold our faith to create a secured, ordered, pure and sustainable ocean.

  • Source: 艦隊分署
  • Date: 2018/09/14