Emergency Report line 118

Emergency Report line 118

What is Emergency Report line 118?
Do you know what Emergency Report line 118 is? Let me tell you all about it. No matter where you are or where you are going, remember this - Emergency Report line 118 is always there to help. Whenever you need help, remember to dial 118. Our staff will meet your needs Services provided by the "118 Coast Patrol Service System."

Our system has two categories - "Case Reporting" and "Coast Guard Services." Please feel free to use the systems and comment on our service. Reporting Cases

    Gun/Weapon Smuggling

    Drug Smuggling

    Smuggling of Agricultural Products

    Smuggling of Fishery Products

    Illegal Border Crossing

    Illegal Exit

    Rescue of Seafarers

    Marine Disasters

    Sea Disputes

    Illegal Fishing

    Explosive Fishing

    Poisoning Sea Life

    Non-Registered Sea Crafts

    Damage to Ocean Resources

    Illegal Quarrying

    Illegal Farming

    Illegal Burying

    Environmental Pollution

    Garbage Dumping

    Illegal Building Structures

    Floating Corpses

    Other Illegal(Criminal) Matters

Coast Guard Services

    Furthering your information about duties and affairs of Coast Guard Units.

    Mediation of disputes within the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard Administration.

    Providing contact information of Non-Coast Guard units.

    Your children are doing military service at a Coast Guard Unit and you need help with relevant questions.

    You asked for help or reported a case to a Coast Guard Unit, but did not receive an answer or were dismissed rather impolitely.

    Offering your suggestions to Coast Guard Units.

The 118 toll-free number can be dialed from fixed line phones, mobile phones, or public phones. On answering, the Coast Guard Administration will provide you with the best possible service.

  • Source: 艦隊分署
  • Date: 2018/04/25