A Word from the Branch Director

Welcome to the Fleet Branch website!

  • Source: 艦隊分署
  • Date: 2018/04/28

To implement the government’s policy, the Ocean Affairs Council (OAC) and its subordinate agencies are established on April 28, 2018, including Coast Guard Administration (CGA) and its subordinate Fleet Branch. We do the mission “Open access to the ocean, servicing the public, and safety assurance” under the CGA’s guidance and the guidelines of overall national maritime development to proactively maintain maritime security, conduct maritime search and rescue missions, patrol the seas and protect fisheries, as well as engage in international maritime affairs to protect life and properties, our fishermen’s rights and interests, the ecological resources for a sustainable marine environment, and the nation’s maritime rights and interests. After devoting ourselves, we had achieved remarkable success over the last two decades. In the future, we will extend our sacred duty and keep it working. Fleet Branch will keep coordinating and collaborating with neighboring states, and dedicate to strengthening overall capability as the guardian of the Blue Territory. It’s my pleasure to present this website to all of you, your comments will always be appreciated. This website provides the information about newest laws, regulations, and in-depth coverage of Taiwan’s surrounding ocean. Hoping this website can help you to get the information you need. Again, on behalf of Fleet Branch, I cordially invite you to join us to explore the beauty and the mystery of the ocean surrounding our gorgeous island, Taiwan.

Hsieh, Ching-Chin, Director,
Fleet Branch, Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan