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About Eastern Coastal Patrol Office

Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Defense, Treasury, and Farmers'committee have been in charge of our coast defense respectively for a long time.

Because of unequal governance, the tasks of preventing smuggle and illegal immigration developed many puzzles, which caused the issues of smuggle and illegal immigration rampant day by day.

These serious harms damaged the national and social security, and the economic order.

In order to improve stated malpractice listed above, The resolution of National Security conference established “Seacoast Defense Patrol Sole Responsibility Organization” on March 18, 88 to unifies our country coast defense governance, which displayed full overall potency. Latter, has been established a committee after Executive Yuan to thoroughly discuss and plan the entire original Seacoast defense system.

Including The Ministry of Interior Police Politics Bureau, Harbor Police Bureau, and the apprehending smugglers naval vessel of Executive Yuan Customs Duty Bureau to operate the commands.

Based on the principle of total specified numbers the“Law Of Coast Guard Organization”, “Law Of Coast Guard Administration Executive Yuan Organization”, five drafts.

On January 14, the Legislative Yuan discusses passed, completed the legislative procedure, our office legally officially was established on January 28, 2000.